2024 Yoshinkan / Aikikai Fundraiser Seminar with Robert Mustard and Tony Hind

Date: Saturday, April 6 2024
Time: 12PM – 3PM
Cost: Adults $50, Students $30
Location: Abbotsford Judo Club, 31410 Maclure Road
Registration: Click here to Register

Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 6th, 2024. Abbotsford Aikido will be hosting a joint Yoshinkan/Aikikai seminar at the Abbotsford Judo Club. The seminar will be followed by a social event with beers and barbecue at Steve’s house in Mission.

All proceeds will be donated to The James Paul Martin Memorial Grant. We extend an open invitation to participate in the seminar followed by a laid-back gathering featuring beers and burgers.

The late Paul Martin Sensei, a former president of the BC Aikido Federation and a respected member of the British Columbia and Canadian Aikido community, left an enduring legacy before his passing on August 25, 2012. In his honor, The James Paul Martin Memorial Grant was established by East Vancouver Aikikai, with the support of Paul’s family and close friends.

Since 2012, the Canadian Aikido Association has raised over $22,000 through seminars and class fees from East Van and Downtown Vancouver Aikikai. The majority of these funds contribute to a non-profit after-school Expressive Arts Program at Strathcona Elementary School in East Vancouver. This program, overseen by Stacey Dallyn, founder of The Art Hub and a registered art therapist, operates twice a week, serving children in need.

Our esteemed instructors for the event are Robert Mustard Shihan and Tony Hind Shihan. Robert Mustard, with over 35 years of Yoshinkan Aikido training, completed the intensive 9-month “Senshusei” training course in Tokyo. He was awarded the title of Shihan in August 2011 and achieved the rank of hachidan (8th degree black belt) in September 2015. Recognized worldwide as one of the best Yoshinkan Aikido practitioners and instructors, he left the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation on July 7, 2023, to head his own independent association – Aikido Shobukai.

Tony Hind, who traveled to Japan in September 1987 to train at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo, was accepted as a kenshusei in October 1990. As the last foreign kenshusei to live at Hombu Dojo and receive direct training from Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba, he holds the esteemed position of 7th dan Shihan. Hind Shihan, also a co-founder and technical director of the Canadian Aikido Association, moved back to Canada in 2001 after founding and teaching at seven dojos in Tokyo and Yokohama. His extensive experience includes teaching at the Canadian Embassy and military personnel in Shinjuku, as well as accompanying the Founder’s grandson and current Doshu, Moriteru Ueshiba, on overseas travels.

Follow this link to register for the April 2024 Paul Martin Fundraiser seminar.